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    Hey. I have a new news for you! I got my amino! Join it and lay out the arts.) Now it is completely in Russian, but I translate it.
    Amino –

    Привет. У меня для вас новая новость! У меня появилось свое амино! Вступайте в него и выкладывайте арты.)
    Сечас оно полностью на Русском, но я занимаюсь его переводом.
    Амино –

  2. List of ships I kinda hate but please don't take this to seriously I won't look down at you just for liking them and I have a reason for not shipping them.
    1.USSR x USA they were on the verge of nuking each other but when they thought about the people they were like fine no nuke.

    2. USSR xRussia don't some vids count them as father and son weird also quick history lesson here, most people know the USSR killed alot of people but there were specific people to kill mainly important people and royalty they spared no one over the age of five and if a prince or princess was lucky enough to be below the age of five the USSR kept them in cages and they had to work to get food to bring to their siblings and eat this is when they are
    around ten to fourteen the soldiers didn't kill them because they were too young to remember and they were good labour tools or what you want to call them.

    3.Russia and America man I can see all the shippers be like how dare you touch mah ship and to that I say listen to this America has a thing against Russia because my bro wanted a job and he didn't get hired anywhere in the USA ANYWHERE I know you'd be like but that happens to alot of people when they're in like college or uni but my bro was a full fledged adult with a degree and nothing just because he had a Russian passport and he got really sad, imagine someone you care about openly tell you their outlook on life. painful. You can like any of these ships just don't send hate please.

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