Romania Joins The War I THE GREAT WAR Week 110


  1. here is a fun fact indy when we bulgarians declared war on romania one bulgarian general Panteley Kiselov declared-
    : The day of retaliation that we had so long awaited,has come.War was declared to Romania.We heve the enormous honour to punish a disloyal and sneaky neighour"" he is one of the gernals that attack and take Tytrakan like a boss:D.and last one other General Todor Kantardzhiev said-
    : With their treacherous interference in the seacond balkan war,with the desecration of the sacred homes of our fathers,specially with the inhumane cut of a piece of bulgarian land,the golden Dobrudja,Romania gained the wrath of the bulgarian people.Sooner or later,that anger had to break out. 😀
    so you can see this was a war that they had coming from the 2 balkan war. 😀 but ile say this indy romania had bigger and more badass problems to worry about not just Erich von Falkenhayn and August von Mackensen. to bad for them they had General Stefan Toshev and General Ivan Kolev to deal with too:D