Roman Empire vs Barbarians | Crimea – Countryballs


  1. Barbarians were everyone who wasnt Roman so.. most of that was Han and Parthia
    Should have been the western Roman empire with a cold but still standing watch on the Rhine and then one little tribe runs up to him and "Aww it's so cute" and then punts it back over, then two, then 4, then 8. then 16 and hes really panicking, then Visigoths come out and it growls and it jumps on his face and he screams
    Eastern Empire laughs, that could never happen to him, cautiously glances over at angry, bearded Sassanids, then the Huns, ostrigoths, and Alan's come up growling "N-nice dogs!" and then they tackle him and drag him off to the north, screaming

  2. My favourite part of Roman history is Arminius and the battle of Teutoburg Forest of 9 CE when he led German tribals in destroying three Roman legions (30,000 troops 10% of Rome's ENTIRE standing army) in just 24 hours of fighting. Historians contribute that battle as one of the turning points of Rome's decline and fall that you saw here. Also the Crimea one took a MUCH darker turn then I thought it would