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A complete remastered compilation of Season One of Polandball The Animated Series.

‘Get Passed’
‘Please Return’
‘Raise Your Heart’
(c) 2012 Brian Lowe

‘Comic’ originals can be found here (

Animation slides and cells © 2013, 2017 Hunter’s Productions All Rights Reserved.




  1. This is the last Polandball video. Regardless of whether this is demonetized or not.

    This video Compilation is dedicated to all who have enjoyed and supported my adaptation, of this meme since 2013. Its been a pleasure to bring this meme to YouTube and watch it grow into what it is today. As i leave Polandball behind, I will continue to bring excellent content to this channel in the future. Hope you all stick around, i do have something that could replace Polandball.

    All of these video where completely remastered from the ground up, New backgrounds and updated art. They are Not remakes, and some of the scenes are changed due to issues.