Polandball – Libya 1942


  1. Are we talking here abut the battle of BirHakeim???  When some french troops stood 14 days fighting 1vs10 axis armoured forces commanded by Rommel… Are you seriously talking about that here? When those frenchmen (european and african) stood alone protecting the british troops allowing them to build sufficient defences for the battle of ElAlamein? 3500 men fighting till the order to retreat with weapons and prisoniers in perfect order when several british divisions just collapsed 14 days before Under the same Attack? I guess that you need to be educated a bit on history 😉

  2. Well in real life the germans were the one that got they're ass always saved by the italians,like for example when the folgore covered the RETREAT or Rommel,but before an entire battalion surrendered in mass vs a far more weak french and british force,thanks to that the folgore got totally destroyed but rommel survied,but is cool!