Polandball Animated – Dolls of Japan and Korea


  1. 🇨🇳:We got your back! I can't fight for you except once……but a…… you know what! Here have some food and weapons…
    🇰🇵:Do I need to pay for it? Cuz I don't have money……
    🇨🇳:No~~~ Do the things that you wanted to do for a long time.(Taking out☢︎)

  2. Title: Wackanda forever
    Congo:we need the ingredients to make black panther
    Mali: well do you know the ingredients
    Congo: yes
    Mail: tell me!!!
    Congo okay so the first ingredient we need is Li-
    Mail: oh I already know that one ,next
    Congo: we need that purple plant
    Mail: oh I know that one
    Congo:then you put them in a bowl and wait
    Mail: how long?
    Congo: 5 mins

    5 mins later

    liqud starts to bubble
    Mail and Congo:yessssss

    Black Panther:Wankanda forever

    Congo: we did it!!!!
    black panther kilss congo and mali

    The End