Czechoslovakia is safe.. – Countryballs


  1. Occupation of Czechoslovakia.

    Czech kingdom in 1618: We want freedom!
    Austrian empire: Nope.
    First Czechoslovak republic in 1918: Finally freedom from Austria-Hungary!
    Nazi Germany in 1938: Nope.
    Second Czechoslovak republic in 1939: Okay, we have lost our border region, but we still have part Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and north of Slovakia.
    Nazi Germany in 1939: Nope. (Split Czechoslovakia into Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia and Nazi Slovakia)
    Third Czechoslovak republic in 1945: Finally freedom from Germany!
    Soviet union in 1948: Nope. (Change into communism state)
    Czechoslovak socialist republic 1968: We want freedom from communism! Finally we opened borders to the West Europe and there is no more censorship!
    Soviet union, Polish people's republic, German democratic republic and Hungarian people's republic came on tanks with army to stop it.
    Czechoslovak socialist repubilc:……fuck. (or fuck this years ended with number 8)