Crushing Polish Hopes and Dreams

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  1. The details are magnificent!

    Three-eyed Belarussia is my favourite. Armenia (I think) guiding the 3 smaller countries with those airport lights is awesome.

    What are all the smaller Soviets and the little Blyat next to Lithuania’s picture in the first panel?

    Edit: Kurwa, the more I look at it the more details I can see: Poland cut in half by the silver lining (lol) on the wall when hanging sideways, the territorial rug changing and the room getting renovated by the little Soviets.

  2. A funny comic with a lot of details!

    I’m a bit confused about timeline elements here though. Border change dates to 1947. Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, went there in 1961. The 3-eyed Belarus dates to the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986.

    I mean, if you even did aim for historical accuracy, OP.

    Anyway, nice comic!

  3. Wow, this comic is very well-thought. Really nicely done. Every panel makes sense I think this is Wings level quality (or very close to).

    I just don’t get why Gdansk(Danzig) dude is so happy of Poland’s death because it makes little to no sense in our context.

    Let me explain:

    Poland was born in 966…

    <blah blah blah>

    …and that gives us two important things:

    1. Post-war Poland had absolutely no minorities whatsoever, the Germans were expelled, the Jews – ‘disappeared’, Ukr/Bela/etc – no longer in Poland as the borders moved westwards. We obtained our first real (in terms of size) minority just recently (achievement unlocked!) in 2014 when Ukrainians came to Poland as we finally became more attractive job destination for them than Russia (achievement unlocked!).
    2. Ironically it was Gdansk himself, yes that dude, where the “Solidarność” movement (anti-communist labour union) was born in Gdansk Shipyard or Lenin Shipyard as it was named back then. This guy is loyal to Poland AF man.