[CountryHumans] Ili- Ili, Tulog Anay || ft. Philippines | Animatic/ PMV


  1. I love this song And I can somehow understand it because I only can speak Tagalog,Bisaya and English not Illongo or other languages that we pinoys have but aside that I kinda cried for this since this story is relatable ro philippine history ;^;) anyways sorry for my babbling imma go now ;^;

  2. This is how our Heroes risked their lives to make our country have freedom and peace.Everyone needs to have on what they have to desire and after all those years,some students like me nowadays studied it but not putting it on their hearts on the lives everyone risked,the people who deserved to live longer but their fate ended up being dead for the freedom of our country Philippines.

  3. Even though our country had a rough history, we will always stay strong and be happy, and be proud of our elders from the past for giving us our freedom. Freedom is a very precious value, our elders, our heroes, have sacrificed themselves to bring our independence from the Spanish, Americans, and Japanese.

    I just want to say how beautiful the animatic was, you worked hard at it, it made me cry so much. It made me realize why freedom, and forgiveness is very important to every country.

    Thanks for making this animaitc, keep doing what you love, and makeyour viewers happy!

    Greetings and Love from the Philippines,
    Russidium Empire 😀