Countryballs- Brexit


  1. Turkey is just about to become a fascist dictatorship and therefor never will join anything. In Britain the pound and house prices are in decline whereas inflation starts to be felt. The Brits are now made all to pay for brexit even before they declaired it.

  2. EU is terrible for Turkey.
    Not vice versa.
    A trillion meaningless regulations imposed on us already.
    Both sides halted the negotiations I hope it will terminate as soon as possible.
    The people of EU doesn't want Turkey in.
    Turkish people only want Turanian union with Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgizstan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia.
    We will not be the richest, most advanced union in the world but at least we appriciate and respect each other with these countries. Also there has never been a bad blood between us for centuries.