COUNTRYBALLS:История Второй Польской республики


  1. Some text translations:
    0:33 "Bad peace conditions" "well, what else to expect from the Treaty of Versailles"
    0:35 "Independence for kur… Poland"
    0:38 "Greater Poland"
    0:40 "And this is all? I want to restore the borders of 1772!"
    0:51 "Poland, the Baltic states, Belarus and Ukraine are temporary countries!"
    1:04 "After a couple of minutes of fighting"
    1:51 "Maybe enough fighting?" "Yes, sign a peace treaty"
    1:56 "Negotiation in Riga, 1921" "Peace treaty"
    2:03 "Hyperinflation"
    2:07 "Death of Józef Piłsudski, 1935"
    2:17 "Give me the passage of troops through your territory so that I can stop the partition of Czechoslovakia"
    2:20 "Do you want war?"
    2:23 "Bitches did not give Danging [sic], capture them"
    2:33 "Liberation campaign of the Red Army"
    2:42 "A lot of historical mistakes"