Countryball Polandball: Working for the French

Working for the French

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. *Image Transcription: Comic*

    [*Source: **OP**.*]

    **Panel 1**


    [*France reading a newspaper. Angry Belgium on the right.*]

    **Belgium**: hey france, i having bad news

    **Panel 2**

    [*France has put its newspaper down and is looking at Belgium.*]

    **France**: bonjour, what est it?

    **Belgium**: Duitsland did not giving enough wood this year!

    **Panel 3**

    [*France and Belgium are now angry and with red eyes.*]

    **France**: MERDE WE MUST INVADE!

    **Panel 4**

    [*Germany looking at three chimneys making a lot of smoke. Angry Belgium and France (with a rifle) are coming through the left.*]

    **Germany**: wörk wörk

    **Panel 5**

    [*Germany seems anguished as France points its rifle in its direction.*]


    **Panel 6**

    [*There is way less smoke emerging from the chimneys. Germany seems unfazed now.*]

    **Germany**: Nein, I will not wörk under yuo

    **Panel 7**

    [*France has lowered its rifle. No smoke from the chimney now. France and Belgium are shocked.*]

    **France**: wait, yuo not going to work?

    **Panel 8**

    **Belgium**: I thinking we need to call doctor

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