Countryball Polandball: Which Coast Hosts the Most Boast

Which Coast Hosts the Most Boast

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. [](#yellow-card)

    OP, do note that Liberia, despite having English as an official language, should speak more creole Engrish. Additionally, Ghana here comes very close to speaking perfect English.

    Not going to take this down, but here’s a yellow card and a reminder to stick to Eng**r**ish in the future.

  2. I must really love Africa, I already have Liberia in my comics two times in a row already.

    All “-oast” rhyming aside, here’s the CONTEXT: I know that Mosquito Coast was named after the Miskito peoples, I find it absolutely hilarious. That being said, all of the African nations’ former European names were the coasts: the Pepper/Grain Coast, Ivory Coast, Gold Coast, and Slave Coast.z

    On a side note, Australia hosts quite a bit of “coasts”: Copper Coast, Grain Coast (again!), Silver Coast, and a bit more.