Countryball Polandball: This is World War II!

This is World War II!

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. Funny how both americans and russians like to argue that the war was won thanks to them. Neither of them wanted to participate in the first place.


    Soviets just wanted to keep their half of Poland and Baltic states they got promised by Molotov-Ribentrop pact. Americans really liked idea of isolationism, and that got shattered by Japanese.

  2. I think by now the myth of “USA practically won WWII by themselves” has been dispelled, and people generally credit the Soviet forces as being more important for the allied victory than the American ones were. Don’t get me wrong, USA getting involved forced Nazi Germany to fight on two fronts at the same time which they weren’t capable of doing at that point, but it was the USSR that broke the German army on the east front.

    Without USA, the allies could still *possibly* have won. Without the USSR, no chance in hell.

  3. Should’ve made Italy sit in the middle of the scale, dancing back and forth or something of the like. But I love that you put as many of the countries involved (as you could fit)! Many people would just put France, America, Russia, and Britain for the allies instead of the ton of them you have.