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The Hooligan’s Game

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  1. The Six Nations Championship is an annual Rugby contest between the 6 best countries in the Europe. While England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France have proven themselves worthy of grand slams (when a team beats all other contenders) and championship wins in the past, it is Italy who have yet to receive any honour of that kind. In fact out of their 19 appearances since 2000, they have received the wooden spoon (last place) on 14 occasions.

    Here’s hoping for a slightly different championship.

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  2. *No rucko il formo*

    Thank you Italy for one of the best moments in recent 6N history. Having Haskell, Hartley and Jones panicking about it not knowing what to do was priceless.

    And fuck EJ for being a crybaby that made WR change the laws of the game.

    Sir, could you tell me what constitutes a ruck?

    You will see it ze ruck quand it vill be ze ruck.

    Sir, what can we do to make it become a ruck?

    I’m ze refereeeee, not ze coach