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  1. > est. 1mil dead

    Eh, I don’t think that’s right. Over 20+ years of Gulag’s system existence under Stalin arround 2-3 million people died in them (majority during the first 2 years of war, like more than half), and you are telling me a third of the highest estimate were in one gulag?

  2. I wonder if the culture wars mainstream media pushes on us aren’t actually a deliberate distraction from:

    1. wars overseas guided by the Council on Foreign Relations to enforce the international status quo and protect a petrodollar set to hyperinflate due to

    2. an inflationary economic policy from an unaccountable Federal Reserve giving themselves and bank directors free money;

    3. overwhelming student loan debt coerced onto immature young adults undermining family life together with an incoherent healthcare system and failing immigration system

    4. a university system now existing almost solely to sell degrees rather than develop critical thinking

    but yeah, you know, that southern border. Those homosexuals.