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    March 11, 2011, 2.46PM JST, a 9.0 Magnitude earthquake struck Tohoku, Japan. The earthquake triggered a tsunami which swept away and killed thousands of people.

    Today, we remember these people who lost their lives to forces of mother nature, and let us give our thoughts to those who lost a loved one

    # In Memory of the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake

    # 2011 – 03 – 11

    EDIT: two platinums? huh

    EDIT 2: a gold? guys please, I appreciate that you loved the comic, but I’d much rather you put your money to a donation drive that helps support the recovery of Tohoku

    currently, Yahoo! Japan has opened a donation drive that aims to support families who have lost a loved one in their recovery.

    in fact, you don’t need a credit card to donate, all you need to do is visit, click on the blue heart banner, scroll to a small blue search box and search up **3.11**. for every search of **3.11**, 10¥ will be donated! as of typing this edit, Yahoo! Japan will donate about **5 million searches worth of money (50 million Yen)**

    donations will close by the end of today (23:59 GMT 9+, about 2 hours from this edit) and your help and very much appreciated! on behalf of those who were affected, thank you very much!!

  2. I was in the aftermath of the Chch February quake just 2 weeks before, I remember the shock that Japan had a disaster that eclipsed ours in every way so soon after. It felt a little like the world was ending. The people who sacrificed themselves, or put themselves into danger to help others, I thank them, knowing what that meant. Those who died, I grieve at the losses that so many endured. The survivors, I hope that they are recovering in every way. u/themg26, thank you for this reminder, and I hope that your comic helps spread the word and helps those suffering all these years later.

  3. I remember I was in 4th grade at the time. For our school to show support, everyone wore white and red. I knew it was a really bad tsunami, but it wasn’t until later on when I learned it was a REALLY bad tsunami resulting from a REALLY bad earthquake and causing a nuclear reactor meltdown. May the victims RIP.

    Great comic; you successfully gave me the feels. I donated in the link you posted.

  4. Man, right in the heart. I remind myself everyday what happened in Japan, and that it will happen here where I live too. We must never forget what happened in Japan 8 years ago, and prepare for the next massive earthquake to hit wherever it is most likely to happen. Thank you u/themg26

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    Edit2: I completely forgot that here in the Pacific Northwest, we saw the effects of the Japan tsunami, with items and objects from Japan, wash up onto our coastline in the years after the earthquake and tsunami hit. It’s a stark reminder of what could happen here as well.

  5. Maybe I don’t visit the sub enough to know the meme, but… I guess I’m not impressed by the ‘shock value’ if you can call it that? Like, oh, people being happy and then they’re drowning in a transition to a distasteful ‘In Memoriam’. It’s very disjointed and I don’t feel like it comes together to make a meaningful comic.