Countryball Polandball: Polandball World Map 1939

Polandball World Map 1939

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  1. ##Hello all!

    For the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, we have brought to you a map of the unfolding of the conflict. This map was quite the labor, being worked on on-and-off since the WWI map came out almost 10 months ago, if you can believe that! Of course, we were working with a far smaller team than the annual world maps get, but that let us put our own personal touches onto it.

    All in all, this map comes out to only about half a million pixels fewer than the 2018 map, which is still a whole lot, given that that comes out to over 43 and a half million of ’em. Think of it as the bargain bucket version that is somehow almost as good.

    The inglorious basterds who helped put this project together are:

    * /u/AndyRedditor
    * /u/stopinfidel
    * /u/ImBatPenguin
    * /u/TheSnipenieer
    * /u/easternjellyfish
    * /u/QuantumOfSilence
    * /u/Pomik108
    * /u/Project_J109
    * /u/gutavuh
    * /u/MarsandCadmium
    * /u/bluesydinosaur
    * /u/FloweryBlue

    Special thanks shall also be extended to /u/stopinfidel and /u/AndyRedditor, who helped to organize this whole thing.

    See if you can guess who made what, and along the way, look for all the details sprinkled throughout the map!

  2. Ok mr creator let me set som things straight! I am Norwegian and we do NOT use the double dots above A or any other letter for that matter. I am deeply øffended that you mistake our glåriøs alphabet with this svenskejævel shit

    But for real this is amazing, good job