Countryball Polandball: Polandball Advent Calendar 2019 – Day 22 – It’s Hannukach!

Polandball Advent Calendar 2019 – Day 22 – It’s Hannukach!

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  1. It is Hannukach time! The Jews all around the world celebrate restoring their temple back to their God after Seleucids turned it into a temple of Zeus. Festival of Lights lasts for eight days, each of them marked by lighting one candle on special candelabrum called menorah. Festivities involve prayers, exchanging gifts, eating copious amounts of fat foods in memory of the oil miracle and fun games for children. And it has nothing to do with Chirstmas!

    Today’s drawing is brought to us by /u/Hinadira

  2. OLK, as cute as the panelk is, Hannukah references DO NOT BELONG in an “Advent” calendar. Simply because the whole concept of ADVENT is the reliminary waiting for the birth oif Christ. See the inconsistency? An advent calendar isnt just a clever version of a December calendar, so try not to cross the streams, OK?