Countryball Polandball: Murder on Pierogi Square

Murder on Pierogi Square

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. This is a collaboration with /u/burritoburkito6 from [a PBC post]( If there is anyone to direct praise toward for this comic, it should be Burrito. He was kind enough to write a script in addition to the original offer, make important comic decisions, and most of all, he had the infinite grace to put up with weeks of radio silence. There were probably three different times when I said “oops I got busy but I will try to work on the comic”, and never once was I roasted for it. Thank you for your patience, Burrito, and for your amazing idea that started all this!

    [The last time that I tried my hand at a project of this scale](, I would draw at least one detailed panel per day after work, so even though it was long comic, it was done in slightly over two weeks. However, looking at the art now, it’s very rough and there are few precise details. Working on Pierogi Square makes me even more impressed of artists like /u/Hinadira that puts many background details on art. If you’d like to get some more insight into the process of making this comic, including how many art choices were made to accomodate my limited drawing skills, you can click [this behind the scenes Imgur album]( I haven’t drawn any new non-contest comics in a year (but there’s plenty unposted old stuff from the vault of course) because of this long project, so I’ll have to figure out how to get back into smaller things… or maybe I’ll just have to keep browsing /r/PolandballCommunity for the next collab. Keep the inspiration flowing!

  2. This comic is so good!

    You play with paneling, with lights, it’s moody and atmospheric. Naturally, all signs of proper noir comic. The reveal is chilling, and like all good detective stories you could figure it out.

    I like the details like France mourning somebodys previous death. Or Poland having the scar that mirrors partition division lines. I really liked the BANG, I need to use that somewhere.

    I really hope it gets the praise it deserves!

  3. Wow, wow, *wow*. Now this is a type of comic I have not seen in a loong while. You take an already-established trope and portray it so creatively that I honestly didn’t know where you were going with it…who knew that a comic that is ultimately about Poland being partitioned could be unpredictable at this point??

    Well done, seriously. The amount of effort here is commendable. Same goes to you /u/burritoburkito6 for coming up with the script here.

  4. This comic is exceptional. The storytelling and buildup was great, the panels match the mood perfectly. It’s hard to describe in words how truly well done this is. This was a fantastic comic done by the both of you, absolutely amazing.

    Just wish I weren’t poor, so I could give you guys an award for this masterpiece