Countryball Polandball: Love is watching someclay die

Love is watching someclay die

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. *Image Transcription: Comic*

    **Panel 1**




    [*Inside a wooden room. A bed with green blanket, Antartica sleeping under it. She has a red ribbon. Greenland is looking at an IV bag plugged on Antarctica.*]

    **Panel 2**



    [*Greenland has stopped looking at the IV bag.*]

    **Antarctica**: [*Greenland flag*] [*question mark*]

    **Greenland**: yes? am here

    **Panel 3**

    [*Antarctica has a suffering expression on her face.*]

    **Antartica**: [*hot thermometer*] [*flame*]

    **Greenland**: am understand

    **Panel 4**

    [*Greenland is walking in the house. In the wall, several black-and-white photos: Greenland and Antarctica happily looking at each other, Greenland alone, Denmark and a dark clay. Above Greenland, a wooden shelf with different books: “Care 101”, “Nursing”, “PALLIATIVE” and “COPING WITH [garbled].*]

    **Antarctica**: [*iceberg on sea*] [*question mark*]

    **Greenland**: of course, can getting that

    **Panel 5**

    [*Greenland is above a small wooden ladder and it has opened the top door of a green fridge. Greenland is filling an iron bucket with ice cubes, and several empty ice molds are on the ground near the ladder.*]

    **Antarctica:** [*Greenland crushed by a huge ice block*]

    **Greenland**: haha, yuo not be ridiculous. am can the manage

    **Panel 6**

    **Greenland**: here is for yuo

    [*Greenland has poured the bucket of ice cubes on Antarctica, with now a less pained expression on her face.*]

    **Antarctica**: [*cold thermometer*] [*two ice cubes*] [*happy penguin*]

    **Greenland**: glad yuo are feel that way

    **Panel 7**


    [*Greenland has closed its eyes and is near Antarctica’s bed.*]

    **Antarctica**: [*Greenland flag*] [*question mark*]

    **Greenland**: yes?

    **Antarctica**: [*happy Antarctica with a Greenland-theme heart above her*]

    **Greenland**: I know

    **Panel 8**

    **Greenland**: I know…

    [*The IV bag is empty and unplugged. The bed is empty and Antarctica’s ribbon is on the pillow.*]

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