Countryball Polandball: Literally Every Chinese Restaurant Ever

Literally Every Chinese Restaurant Ever

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. In the UK, no restaurant of any kind demands tips, however leaving at least a pound won’t hurt. I just assume you’re just unlucky with which one you went to however I don’t think it is right to brand every Chinese restaurant the same just because one demanded you to tip.

  2. Where are you from? I’ve mostly lived in Ontario but also lived in Quebec/BC. From my experience Chinese/Asian restaurants are the least demanding when it comes to tips… Although some places will trick you by adding 10-15% without informing you but only if you go in larger groups.

  3. Are these the same restaurants where the owners/managers keep the tips from the rest of the staff, “as payment for sponsoring them and bringing them over”. Seen a lot of those in my short life, and I stopped tipping at those places.. sadly I have a weakness for sushi and occasionally some Americanized Chinese food.

  4. In my country (china or Australia) that’s not reply how it works but it’s just as dodgey

    Chinese restaurants in Australia gives you a 5 percent mandatory discount when you pay in cash so they skip on taxes which is 10 percent

    in acuraly china they either gib discount or gib free drink it favourite no ask for reciept to skip taxes

    to discourage this practice Chinese government mandate the format of restaurant receipts and put a scratch lottery on it to get more people to ask for it to prevent such tax skimping

    never heard of tipping here thou