Countryball Polandball: Kosovo’s Wish

Kosovo’s Wish

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. *Image Transcription: Comic*

    [*Source: **OP**.*]

    **Panel 1**

    [*An angry Kosovo in a grassy field and a sunny day. On the sky, a red bird with a black face and glowing red eyes: Omsk Bird.*]

    **Kosovo**: Fuk yuo Serbia, no invite Kosovo to Hallowen party! Am exist, yuo know!

    **Panel 2**

    [*Omsk Bird has landed and is looking at Kosovo, who is shaking and holding an amulet showing a crescent moon and a star. Omsk Bird speaks in red.*]

    **Omsk Bird**: `greeTIngs, sMaLL One.`

    **Kosovo**: oh for God sake do not hurt me demon!

    **Panel 3**

    **Omsk Bird**: `YUO seeM DOWn, SO I CaMe TO gRanT VY a WIsH.`

    [*Kosovo is now happy.*]

    **Kosovo**: A wish? for me?

    **Panel 4**

    [*Kosovo has a determined expression. Omsk Bird has raised its wings to the sky, and dark clouds are gathering. On the top right corner, a perplexed Morocco with red devil horns.*]

    **Kosovo**: I want be richest clay of world, to stick to i ndyrë Serb!

    **Omsk Bird**: ^(Forma dei…)

    ^(Forma dei…)

    ^(Forma dei…)


    **Morocco**: You called?

    **Panel 5**

    [*Serbia, an eyepatch on its right eye.*]

    **Panel 6**

    [*At Serbia’s right, gold ingots have appeared. At Serbia’s left, a brown bag with a green € on it has appeared too. Serbia is happy.*]

    **Serbia**: Nice.

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