Countryball Polandball: How to become a Nation in the South Pacific

How to become a Nation in the South Pacific

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  1. The flag being presented is the flag of the [Autonomous Region of Bougainville](,as%20a%20symbol%20of%20adulthood). Its the official flag of an officially recognized sub-sovereign state within Papua New Guinea, just to clarify to the mods.

    **Context:** [Bougainville votes for independence, safely affirming its intentions to become the newest nation in the South Pacific.]( Thereby initiating a tradition to get the entire population up to South Pacific standards by fattening their populace.

  2. So after reading this comic, I’ve looked up Bougainville, and found something… “interesting” on its wikipedia article:

    > A 2013 United Nations survey of 843 men found that 62% (530 respondents) of those have raped a woman or girl at least once, with 41% (217 respondents) of the men reported having raped a non-partner, whereas 14% (74 respondents) reported having committed gang rape. Additionally, the survey also found that 8% (67 respondents) of the men had raped other men or boys.[15]