Countryball Polandball: Holy Help for a Herculean Heat

Holy Help for a Herculean Heat

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. *Image Transcription: Comic*

    [*Source: **OP**.*]

    **Panel 1**


    [*Bolivia is suspiciously looking at an unfazed Brazil. Smoke lifts from it.*]

    **Bolivia**: ?

    **Panel 2**

    **Bolivia**: AAAAAAA

    [*Bolivia is very shocked, its huge eyes looking at Brazil. It’s all black now (except the eyes) and is burning with many flames and smoke.*]

    **Burning Brazil**: help

    **Panel 3**

    [*A tiny Vatican has appeared with a big yellow garden hose.*]

    **Burning Brazil**: it hurts

    **Bolivia**: Vatican, eu know not you do firefightings.

    **Vatican**: Verum, it be all under control.

    **Panel 4**

    [*Close-up on a focused Vatican. It speaks in Gothic font.*]

    **Vatican**: *Flames art the breaths of souls…*

    **Panel 5**

    [*Bolivia is inspecting Vatican’s garden hose.*]

    **Vatican (off-screen)**: *The smoke be the soul’s release…*

    **Panel 6**

    **Vatican (off-screen)**: *Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.*

    [*Vatican’s garden hose is attached to a grey silo with two white auxiliary chambers at its sides. They are marked with a golden cross with three horizontal branches and they have a golden top (and bottom). The central chamber has rounded top and bottom and yellow text (and red text under a yellow Christian cross).*]



    **Panel 7**

    [*Close-up on a determined Vatican and its hose. Flames are near to emerge from it.*]

    **Vatican**: *May thy soul returns to great flame of fire.*

    **Panel 8**

    [*A big red flame ray is now piercing a crying Burning Brazil, who is beginning to be reduced in dust. Bolivia is looking at it, speechless.*]

    **Bolivia**: …

    **Burning Brazil**: why

    **Panel 9**

    [*Bolivia and Vatican under a rain of burnt fragments of Brazil. Bolivia is shocked while Vatican seems calm now.*]

    **Vatican**: Non forest, non fire.

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