Countryball Polandball: Happy Saint Nicholaus!!!!

Happy Saint Nicholaus!!!!

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. [](#yellow-card) Yellow card as the lines above Romania’s eyes look a bit too much like eyebrows. However, it’s been up for a few hours and accumulated a decent amount of upvotes, so I’ll let it stay up. Please fix it if you intend to repost it in the future.

    Also don’t forget to flair your art as ‘redditormade’, I’ve done it for you this time.

  2. > how can I turn it into a money making commercial holiday

    Well you can turn Saint Nicholaus into a big fat jolly man wearing red clothings. Or in the case of Japan just open a chain of fast food restaurants

    Much kultur ( and on another note I like the detail of Germoney freaking out at Netherlands’ Black Pete custom )