Countryball Polandball: Fall of the Soviet Pride

Fall of the Soviet Pride

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. Made with a budget of 77,68 afegani I found in my couch.

    Context: during the Soviet-Afghan war, the Afghan government (communist) fought side by side with the USSR to destroy the rebels. That didn’t end too well, since the government was deposed and the Soviets… well, the Soviets lost to a smoll country.

  2. I get the joke, but the Afghanis didn’t beat the Soviets with their leftover Enfield rifles. Operation Cyclone was huge for its time; a combined effort by America, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and even China to fund Afghani rebels with over ten billion dollar for training and equipment to drive out the Soviets.

    Whatever assistance North Vietnam got to defeat America and South Vietnam by Russia/China completely pales in comparison to what was provided to the Afghanis.

    Also as someone probably has mentioned, Afghanistan is not a small country.