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  1. Re-edition of [this Spanish-speaking comic](

    Usually, Latin American countries are busy in their own issues, but when USA does something to “spread the freedom”, Latin American countries (specially leftist governments and movements) express oposition to whatever USA does. It seems it’s the only instance in which Latin America is, in a certain way, united.


    * Negro is the Spanish word for black. In this context, Argentina believes that all other Latin Americans are black people.
    * Banana clay makes reference to “[banana republic](” a concept applied for dictatorships in tropical countries.
    * When Nicaragua says to Costa Rica “weak clay” it refers to the fact that, since 1948, Costa Rica has no armed forces. [This article shows a little bit of information about the matter](
    * Patria o muerte (country or death) is one of the slogans of the [Cuban revolution](
    * The Che that Argentina says makes reference to the Argentinian [Ernesto “Che” Guevara](, one of the leaders the Cuban Revolution.
    * When Venezuela says “dreamings of Bolívar” it refers to the fact that [Simón Bolívar]( has a vision of an united Latin America.
    * The flag Peru is holding is the [flag of Indoamérica](, a leftist-leaning political project for Latin America created by the Peruvian politician [Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre]( in 1924.

  2. Funny thing about Mexico and Argentina’s exchange

    Argentinians in Mexico are portrayed culturally as some sort of joke, stereotyped as been innocent/stupid and very, very self-centered/proudful. No Mexican will accept this, but we are secretly or subconsciously jealous of Argentina or some of its culture like the quality of the beef produced there, Buenos Aires’ nightlife or in general the beauty of its women. This is mainly because of Argentina’s Italian influence and the fact that there’s little presence of the original indigenous population when it was settled by Europe, the exact opposite of what happens in Mexico. This justifies Argentina’s insult towards Mexico.

    On the other side, Mexico’s insult toward Argentina calling him a “waiter” is because of the same “elitism” that Argentinians have, especially when travelling or migrating (there’s somewhat of a big presence of Argentinians in Mexico), but the truth is that in many of Mexico City’s “trendy” restaurants in zones like Condesa or Roma, many of the waiters are Argentinian and they do nothing to hide their accent (because they’re very, very proud of their origins). Also, Argentinian waiters are kinda the equivalent to the “struggling LA actor/actress waiting tables while they get their big break”, and hence the origin of calling an Argentinian a “waiter” being an insult.