Countryball Polandball: Communist activism in a nutshell

Communist activism in a nutshell

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. It’s an American preaching about the benefits of communism, to skeptical ex-communist countries which failed or are failing.

    Most of such specimens have middle class lives, are obnoxious, circlejerk a lot, are provided for by their parents, are teens, and are armchair philosphers who care about the lower class oh so much.

  2. I mean, Chile, Domincan, Honduras, Haiti, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, and of course how could we forget, Bolivia, would all almost entirely disagree. Capitalist powers have knocked them around like fucking bowling pins and extracted the value of the land at the barrel of a gun (a gun owned by an installed dictator, other times a direct American invasion) for over a century in some cases. That’s untold billions in lost revenue for them, millions left in poverty, millions more dead, all of that legit stolen by the US and other powers for use by the private sector. But yeah, Capitalism is fine because it’s fine for us.

    Also, tangential point, old people in the former USSR are nostalgic af for it in my experience. At least in Georgia.

  3. Treading on the 1 panel danger zone, powered by ~~Germany’s inner-combustion energy~~ my grudge from talking to Reddit commies, I present to you this comic.

    Also one free donut to whoever can find out what got written over on the price tag. It’s not “FREE”, btw.

    HINT: It ends with a 5 and it’s a price tag

    – Guess 1: $69 (how obviously wrong)
    – Guess 2: FRIES (I already stated that this thing ends in 5)
    – Guess 3: $9.95 (womp womp, wrong)

    Well now that’s 3 guesses, folks. The answer is 35 shekels.

  4. God I’m going to get so political, but this is how it is when American/Western Euro intellectuals(TM) tell me, as a Mexican, that our new government’s more… aggressive authoritarian left ideals aren’t bad in the slightest. It’s pretty funny but at the same time you realize they perpetrate ignorance and then you get sad.