Countryball Polandball: Cold War, Chapter 7: The Bad Side of Town

Cold War, Chapter 7: The Bad Side of Town

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  1. Hello there. For the handful of you who remember me, I’m coming back at you with the final chapters of the [Cold War series]( I never finished, brought to you entirely by the industrious and incredible u/Hinadira. These final chapters are all based off of scripts I had completed, but the artwork and final product was all Hinadira.

    There is not enough gratitude in the world to express my thankfulness to Hina for completing my greatest creative achievement, and arguably the most obnoxiously-long serial in Polandball history. Speaking of, here’s another link to [A World At War]( in case you missed this one.

    Hang tight, because we’ve got a few more chapters to go until this thing is finally done for good. Also don’t call this a comeback; I’ve been here for years.

  2. There was a quote somewhere, referring to communism and its ideals, versus the realities of the regime back in the 50s to the 90s; “If even Germans can’t get it right, what chance does the rest of the Communist countries have?” Then again the Cuban Missile crisis was an exercise in how both leaders had adequate respect for each other to work things out despite how close the world came to MAD. How each leader was seen in their respective countries and their tenures after the fact do not bear speaking of, however.