Countryball Polandball: Ancient Illegal Aliens

Ancient Illegal Aliens

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  1. I remember when I visited there. I was amazed and stunned by the ancient ruines.

    The middle aged woman from the mid west standing next to me was very dissapointed and angry that it was all just a bunch of old stones and that she couldn’t go inside anywhere..

  2. Just going to point out that the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans all had extensive trade networks with each other and North American cultures and ~~possibly may have even traded with Ancient Africa (Cocaine has been found at various Ancient Egyptian sites).~~

    They also did make contact with the Ming Dynasty, though those crazy Chinese isolationists never really went back. So yeah, not isolated from the rest of the world. Great comic tho

    EDIT: The bit about Africa was from some articles I read before which was off. Also, I should mention we know the Ming contacted people in the Americas and traded briefly with them, but not exactly who or where, so not the Aztecs per se, but Ming works may have made it down there.