Countryball Polandball: An Extremely Retarded and Meaningless Joke

An Extremely Retarded and Meaningless Joke

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. If you think the joke is in the first two panels denoted in *italics*, then congratulations, you’re just like Canada and took the bait. There are actually two jokes here I like to point out:

    **Main joke:** >!Burgerland is changing the produces from oranges to peaches and Canada interpret this as something political for his own amusement for some reason.!<

    >!What I’m trying to point out that due to constant burger-bashing by non-burgers in recent times whether regarding in burgerland’s history or current affairs, that any normal thing burgerland does is subjected to negative interpretation, then to scrutiny by making fun of burgerland and self-loathing how great and enlightened how they’re not burgers.!<

    >!The last panel points out that Canada put the last straw on Burgerland’s back and went full mental on Canuckistan on how he’s tired of being treated as the village idiot for Maple-syrup land’s enjoyment.!<

    **The other joke is;** >!*heart-shaped asspeaches.*!<

    Edit: I made a mistake regarding Canada’s dialogue. Pretend its normal.

  2. I heard from a reputable American source, that Canadians are just a way to steal the precious bodily fluids of Americans.

    Something. about the soviets turning Florida into water. It’s that Chinese hoax again. It ended with the tragic detonation of a Canadian nuclear device over Bowling Green, despite an American Hero^tm riding the bomb down in a last minute attempt to defuse it. That why we send out thots and prayers to the victims of Bowling Green til this day.