Countryball Polandball: America’s High-Tech Wall

America’s High-Tech Wall

Countryball and Polandball form Reddit


  1. *Image Transcription: Comic*

    **Panel 1**

    [*The United States is wearing their signature sunglasses and stands in front of a wall that says “Wall of Murica”.*]

    **United States**: Finally, I’ve built a high-tech wall on my border. It will detect the clays and block anyone who is not United States!

    **United States**: Let’s see how well it works.

    **Panel 2**

    [*Texas walks up to the wall. The United States observes.*]

    **Wall**: Texas is United States. Texas can pass.

    **Panel 3**

    [*Honduras walks up to the wall. Honduras looks sad and is carrying a bindle.*]

    **Wall**: Honduras is not United States. Honduras cannot pass.

    **United States**: It works perfectly!

    [*Texas is running off in the distance.*]

    **Panel 4**

    [*Mexico walks up to the wall.*]

    **Wall**: Mexico is United States. Mexico can pass.

    **United States**: WHAT????

    **Panel 5**

    **United States**: That’s outrageous! How on earth can this happen?!

    **Wall**: Search for Mexico and you will see.

    **Panel 6**

    [*Webpage, Claypedia. Page for Mexico. Title: “United Mexican States”. Subtitle: Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Spanish).*]

    **Panel 7**

    [*The United States is left staring at their phone, broken sunglasses on the floor.*]

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