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America: Master of Languages

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  1. Morocco being Lucifer is one of a few tropes featured in Polandball comics that I really enjoy, mostly because unlike, say, the whole Dr.Ostereich thing, it has no profound complicated context other than that the star on Morocco’s flag sorta resembles the symbol of Satanism

  2. *Image Transcription: Comic*

    [*Source: **OP**.*]

    **Panel 1**

    [*United States, alone and with sunglasses.*]

    **United States**: Man, I have such a diversity of cultures and languages. I bet I’m fluent in every language there is.

    **Panel 2**

    [*China is in the right, United States in the left.*]

    **United States**: Yo, China. Ching Chong bong ching chong chong?

    **Panel 3**

    [*United States, looking at Wales, who is staring at a yellow flower between the two clays.*]

    **United States**: Sup, Wales. You doing flower shit? Cool. Well how about llyywwylllcchhdddllyyww*cough*llyyflibbityflabbityfloopllydd?

    **Panel 4**

    [*United States and Germany.*]

    **United States**: Hey, Germany! Das Hurgenflurgengespurgendurgenflurchen?

    **Panel 5**

    ***OMINOUS DOWNTUNED METAL RIFF*** [*written in red*]

    [*United States and Germany are looking at a burning red pentagram that has appeared between them.*]

    **Panel 6**

    [*The pentagram has become a burning hole. Above it, Morocco with a devil costume (red fork and horns). United Stated and Germany are looking at Morocco.*]

    **Morocco**: Salaam- I mean, al-Satanic hello. Yuo have summon me with ancient incantations previously unspeaked by al-mortals. Plox come to Hell for al burny-ouch and die al-thousand deaths for eternity.

    **Panel 7**

    [*Morocco and United States have entered the burning hole, Germany is looking at it.*]

    **United States**: My skin is coming off.

    **Morocco**: Al-shhhh.

    **Panel 8**

    [*The burning hole has become a burning red pentagram.*]

    **Panel 9**

    [*The pentagram has disappeared. Germany is looking at you.*]

    **Germany**: Was.

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