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  1. After the initial wave of euphoria is over I gather that rates of marijuana use will go down when teens see 30 – 40+ somethings at the dispensaries and tell themselves they’ll never end up like that.

    I think it’s a good idea not to imprison people for marijuana use as that is an expensive waste of taxpayer money.

    I don’t think the gov’t set the price low enough to destroy the black market which would have been a strong ‘fuck you’ to organized crime.

    Furthermore, the 30 gram limit prevents consumers from being able to take advantage of bulk purchasing.

    An ounce is sufficient for a month for one person, a pound is thus probably good for 1.25 years (if divided and frozen) but you’re effectively 15 times over the legal limit. I don’t see anyone clamouring for legislation to put an end to people’s wine cellars however.

    At present the prices aren’t substantially lower than what the dealer charges once taxes are applied. In Quebec especially all the gov’t has done is said [“We’re the dealer now”]( Likewise with regards to Quebec’s prohibition on growing at home, which I gather many people will ignore in the hopes of growing a singular closet dwelling plant they can harvest in perpetuity to circumvent the gov’t. Unless someone is running a commercial grow-op or brazenly planting outdoors I doubt there’s going to be substantial enforcement.