Pablo Escobar has a polite discussion with one of his gang members. It’s not snow they are standing on.

The gang member has some white powder on his nose and he is weird for some reason.

I’m not good at Spanish, my apologies.
Echoes of Time v2 – Kevin MacLeod
Amor Chiquito – Quincas Moreira




  1. iDea:
    Macedonia: Ha ha! While Sparta and Athens fight, i'll make an empire!
    After a while, in india
    Macedonia: I'm scared. I want to go home.
    the Macedonian is killed by a Mongolian
    In Greece
    Sparta: Now it's my turn!
    A roman kills him
    Byzantium: No. Its mine.
    Byzantium: Yeah! I'm an empire!
    Ottoman: Not this time!
    Staby stab stab
    Greece: Wow! I'm gonna get an empire after world war I!
    Greece gets an empire
    Britain: GIVE THAT BACK NOW!
    Greece: B-but…
    Britain: We fought this war to get a new toilet cleaner, not an empire!
    Narrator: And so, the times of repeated greek empires fell and fell, matching the economy downfall.