Blitzeinschlag (AHOE) Episode 3 | Operation Ash | Countryballs


  1. I must say, that is, by far, the best mapping series I've ever seen. Of course there is for example Bace Bulgarian Mapper or Arcanius Mapping, both good mappers, but this tops it all. I love this struggle for power, this person-like behavior of the countries I've never seen as good combined with geopolitics. The Beginning of the first Episode alone has more Person-like behavior than every other mapping video I've seen. I also love the starting scenario, 18 years after the War, when power struggles begin to errupt (obviously in the Balkans), and secret rumors start to rise, bringing fear with it. I also adore the style of the Mapping, the Countryballs adapting to the situation, this almost apocalyptic atmosphere, it's amazing.
    This is Mapping at its best.

    15/10 can't wait for the next episodes