Anybody Else Meme || Countryhumans Indonesia x Malaysia


  1. Meh:* swing this vid *
    My brain :* let's see some Indomalay *
    Meh : ok
    Indo: we're Malay
    Philip:idk :v
    Malay:meh here boiiiii
    Indo and Phil:. :V
    Malay: 😉
    Indo : I love you Malay UwU
    Malay : mlay_love _indonesia have bin stop working for no reason
    Indo: Mal are you ok
    Indo:astaga ap a yang terjadi kepada anda berdua
    And everyone hadbin stop working cuz of Indo UwU and Malay look handsome with that glasses and 1 like=Indo will love Malay UwU now like this so Pikachu love you Kim Pikachu Pikachu