[Animation Meme] – 100 Bad Days [countryhumans] germany x russia


  1. Hey! I don't comment often on yt. But I just wanted to comment this one time, to express my happiness for this one small animation.

    It's a small countryhumans video that honestly needs more good attention. It's a refreshing feeling finally seeing a nice positive animation meme featuring germany(I could sound ignorant… Sorry if I do). Dont get me wrong, other animation memes that also worked hard for their animation memes are also very nice…but this…is a fucking masterpiece and honestly stood out the most to me. The thought and work put into is so positive and nice message overall. A sucker for a character becoming more mentally strong and getting over mental challenges/their past.

    I'm not a German(a fellow Filipina)… But this brought a smile to my face. It's a fucking nice video. I love the animation, idea, and overall art. Keep up with the great work bud!
    (Excuse me for my language… I'm just baffled and amazed! Totally earned a subscriber! Looking forward for more videos from you. Have a nice day/night.💙)