Alternate History Of WW2 In Countryballs


  1. What the fuck is this bullshit, alternative doesn't even make sense when you do not take the faction leader you can not get even his colonies, you just annexed france and took his colonies either. PS:That's not moscow.

  2. Some european/usa/australian food
    Sweden: ball things like meatballs and chocolateballs
    Albania/Kosovo: som reaaaaalll good burek/pite
    Turkey:kebab and turkish tea
    Spain: i dont know they are like mexican so my answer is tacos
    Germany: nazis
    Russia: they eat communism
    France: baguette and mustaches
    U.S.A: big mac with extra everything and some bacon
    England: chinese tea its not english but its a stereotype
    Australia: they are crazy so they eat alligators