Alternate History of Europe in Countryballs (Rome's legacy) Ep.9: Insanity


  1. dude honestly, this is probably the best mapping channel I've seen, a good mix of country ball dialogue, an interesting plot (even though the discovery of america 500 years before the vikings did it is improbable) and you should make more.

  2. Hey for episode 10 could you possibly expand the size of the map? It would be helpful for two reasons

    1 The bigger some of the nations get means the larger the map needs to be
    2 More regional areas in Asia, Africa, and Greenland are involved, allowing for Asian empire influence, African empires, and more Sub north american land.

  3. If Syagrius did anything on Eastern Rome/ Byzantine Empire, they are screwed because
    1. Persians
    2. Phoenicians 'black powder' and other potentially awesome war items
    3. Maybe Vandals or Visigoths will find this as a perfect time to counterattack Syagrius