Alternate History of Europe in Countryballs (Rome's legacy) Ep.7: Germanian Ambitions


  1. Psst rat I have an idea.

    After the Scandinavian Vikings and barbarians heard of the chaos in Europe they feared that they would lose there homeland. After a long conference the Scandinavians decided to unite as one mighty nation in order to protect themselves. There land is the all of Modern Norway and Sweden. They don't wish to conquer the world they only wish to protect there homeland. After Yaroslavl or The unknown horde colinize/invade Scandinavia the Northmen take action and declare war. If they win or not that is your decision. What there name is ,is your decision.

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  2. I'm sure that the mysterious horde is the vikings-kind or some sort o tribes living on Scandinavia. Also, since the Visgoths've got a new flag, rat won't make the syagrius to eat 'em. Also, there have been no movement of Phoenicia, to move in to their old homes, occupied by the Ghassanids. So I guess that they will try to expand through North Africa, or try to reach the old home, where the Ghassanids are on threat of two angry neighbors. If Phoenicia tries to return, there would be some event on it, where the Byzantines or Almarics invading the Ghassanids and Phoenicia trying to return.

  3. I really like this! Is it okay if the two countries that rose from the tembernae khanate eventually become Russia and Poland.Also I think that it would be good if in Arabia the Islamic horde (same in our history yet with a different name) rises up, then destroys the ghassanids, Egypt and the the rest of the Arabian peninsula, then this horde starts to attack the Amalric Dynasty.While this is happening Syagrius takes advantage of it and takes Italy, and the majority of the Vandal's original land.Later The Islamic Horde decides that it wants more and it attacks The Syagrius Dynasty as well as the Eastern Roman Empire and The Sassanid Empire. Then at that moment the Vandals, Yaroslav and his allies,Sussex and Wessex Join the side of the Islamic Horde and and The Join the Islamic Horde's side, while Suibhne joins the Roman side because he already had been fighting Wessex and Sussex for some time which starts the 15 year war (an alternate war). In this war the Islamic Horde is Crushed after a long time and it's land is split between Syagrius, The Eastern Roman Empire and The Sassanid empire as well as their new puppet states, Yaroslav's allies Eventually lose after Syagrius with Syagrius taking the western half of the Confederation that Yaroslav made and the rest is a Eastern Roman Puppet called Holy Germany , and the Visigoths get Taken by Syagrius. Sussex and Wessex had united and had taken some land as well as some untaken land in Modern day Belgium and had done white peace when their war reached a stalemate when it was revealed that the Horde was from the Scandinavian peninsula and was a very strong empire, and the only reason who it was a stalemate is that their ships got destroyed in storms. I hope you use this!