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Alternate Future Of The World In Countryballs (Episode 17) Preparing For The Final War

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  1. you had an empire, but every empire have it`s downfall -hope you will revive in your true potential, your videos needs WAY more better animations, you waked up after a long period…a period of which i may call -The Animated Era , as the new mapping is more like a well made animation now, hope you will get this "tech" soon :)))

  2. I think i have an idea for this terrible mapping romania
    Im not a hater…
    I think u should just make episode 15 16 17 non canon to the story and think about something else
    I know your talent is still there romania
    If u added golden horde?
    My Idea: Why not the other old empires like mongolia taking revenge, etc.
    I know your still there romania dont forget u still have supporters…
    Yes i know i know this episode is trash… But your still talented…
    Remember the old times u where the mapping god?
    U still are! But the fall of your channel
    Ur still better then bsce bulgarian
    Some countries are facing direct upwards and luks rly awkward
    And if theres war on his episode
    The red and blue color changing is not very smooth..
    Im your only supporter for now.. 🙁
    Realistic mapping should be back!

  3. What happened!
    I loved the first series and the very beginning of the second. Ever since you quit and came back your mapping has gone down the drain. This style can work as seen in CosmicMapping because they did these action type moments well. This is an insult to your former glory

  4. You're screwed hope of mapping.
    You've lost everything and now you just trying to re-ignite the ashes.
    Stop that, please. Start working on something new, ask your friends to help with scenario (if you have it), wacth drawing lessons, but don't try to continue this.

    Because of people like you, we keep on killing the rest of mapping.

  5. today we will be cooking an awful mapping video that gets a lot of views for some reason

    we need

    100000000000000000000000 cups of great storyline
    13 cups of cliches for the great flavor to a person who doesnt know mapping
    23 cups of overused storylines for the great flavor to a person who doesnt know mapping
    10 cups of awful cbs because people who know nothing about cbs will love these countryballs!
    1 teaspoon of salt
    2 sticks of butter
    1000 cups of eye cancer
    5 cups of flour
    20 cups of bad maps

    now for the steps

    1. mix all of the things above into an abomination (remember to leave out the 100000000000000000000000 cups of great storyline)
    2. throw away the 100000000000000000000000 cups of great storyline, because that takes too much effort to make and it doesnt make a diffirence as people who dont watch much mapping (the people you want to eat this food) will see little to no diffirence
    3. serve the abominations without the 100000000000000000000000 cups of great storyline.

    4. serve this food to your subscribers!
    5. enjoy the minority of people who liked your video!