Alternate Future of Isolated Europe in Countryballs | Episode 0: Isolation


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    Welcome to a brand new series. This series will not have any involvement with other races from outer space so the concept of this series will revolve with the nations that are stuck with each other. About the Isolation Ray, let's just say.. it just happened.

    Hey, for once I finally made an entire folder containing files for each and every nation. Before, I used to draw the countryballs on the map file and never used them as sprites due to the size. With this series, I have sprites for every single nation. Finally some organization.

    As for AHOE with Countryballs: Fall of Byzantium series.. Let's just say it might have the same fate as AHOW did.

  2. Here is some ideas!

    They quickly run out of oil in europe and romania became's the power of the oil.

    They make heating mechanism with the water.

    Turkey becames the largest fleet on there (they always stick their navy at their shorelines.)

    Portugal starts exploring.

    Germans became the most largest economy.

    Russia makes the most electric of europe and sell's it.

    Slavic countries makes the most food and sell (yugoslavic)

    Germans make most of network stuff

    Here is strongest cb's of the new eu


    Ukraine and Turkey became's buddies. They make weapons etc.
    Then finland joins them.

    Spain helps portugal to explore further

    Germany/france/England stars investigetion about the ray.

    All countries disable their nuclear arsenal.(If they have)

    Sicily gets away from italy (island moves I mean)

    Spains island's disapear. Netherland starts to have tusunamies. (I know i spelled it wrong)

    Greek islands starts to dissappear.

    Bulgarians attack romanians because of oil both sides gains/losses land's

    Cezh and slovakian's form cezhoslovakia (I know i spelled this wrong too)

    Greece opens war at macedonia for political reasons. No one care's

    Finland/Turkey/Ukraine Signs a military alliance. Estonia asks them to join

    The whole islands/Eu.'s name is hetlands island (you can change it)

    Switzerland austuria unite.

    Thats all I have dude.
    Hope I see these in next video goodbye!!!