1. |RUS|
    Прежде чем спросить "Как песня называется из (опенинга, перехода или ендинга)" посмотрите в описание. Спасибо
    Before asking, "What the song from (opening, transition, or ending)", look at the description. Thanks.

  2. some o’ ya’ll really need ‘ta suck it up – this is history, you can’t change it no matter how hard ya’ try. third reich wasn’t known for bein’ sunshine ‘n rainbows like some o’ ya’ll are interpreting it. no. third reich was known for killing millions of european jews. but – its 2019 now! – you might be arguing, to which I say, yes, it’s 2019, whooptie-doo. does not mean we twist Poland’s history into somethin’ else. ignorance is bliss i suppose.

  3. Omg why Poland in first meme so sad am crying bc JA JESTEM Z Polski I ja Protect polska >:3 why is Poland the sad land in some of these memes ;-; ? AND I hate the land that hurt Poland And did war I’ll just kill them 😼😼😼BTW love from Poland 🇵🇱🇵🇱❤️❤️❤️