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  1. I See english comments sooo

    USA : Get ready , russians attack us , lets fight !!!!
    Canada : Sorry , but without me , i'm not gonna fight with russians
    Not Hitler not Napaleon could bet them , and you think we could ?
    Reduce self – esteem
    USA : when russians see us , they just go away
    Canada : that is unlikely
    their psyche is shaken by Russian car dealerships, and Russian comedies, they have nothing to
    Estonia : but we are people with superpowers !!!
    Canada : and what are they not? but fuck you! after one glass of vodka, every Russian …
    * USSR Athem *
    GREAT Britain : But we still have supertechnology …
    Canada :, they are able to build a nuclear reactor with insulating tape
    Italia : then say , what we supposed to do ?
    Canada : they are not a army , they are just a group of drunk russians , all what we must do is Just wait , and then they go away , drunk russians are the most scared creatures , the same drunken tourists occupied Turkey, they cannot be stopped not by stones of infinite or with kryptonite, they was born in hell …
    called Russia
    so decide what you'll do,

    I'll go better watch Game of Thrones …
    Yeah a good Idea
    The better Idea can't be

    Something like this OwO

  2. If u are from germany= YOU ARE LUCY😍 i love germany more than finland!(my own country😅)

    If u are from russian= u are.. NICE! Russian is cool!👍🏻

    If u are from ukraine= I want know more ukraines history🤩 can u tell me ukraines history?interesting country!🖤

    If u are from japan=U ARE CUTE😍

    If u are from poland= hard bass! U are COOL💚!!

    If u are from estonia= hello my brother/sister! I can undertand u littlebit😏 and estonia is cool country!

    Ok all countrys are beautiful!🖤 and all u are cool!